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Ctrln Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

DIPP, Govt of India Recognized Start Up with Service Level Software Innovation.
Start Up Recog. No. DIPP1703
2A/2B, Mrigendra Lal Mitra Road, Kolkata-700017.India.

Contact: | +91 8232092892

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We have developed a Virtual 3D Trial Room software for men with real 360° 3D cloth simulation that can be seamlessly integrated in the Online and Offline environment of all apparel brands and marketplaces providing Real time Trial room experience for both Ready-to-Wear and Made-to-Measure/Custom Tailoring Category of the Customers.
Basis some basic body measurements of a customer our software creates his exact replica – a real 360 degree rotatable 3D avatar of him along with his 3d face.

On this avatar he can try out unlimited Ready-to-Wear garments in 3D rendition. Since both the body and garment are an exact scaled down 3D copy of their respective physical counterpart, this application provides him actual garment simulation, fit and drape. Additionally he can try out any brand's entire garment inventory virtually, check all possible combinations, create numerous ensembles and compare multiple looks side by side - which helps in cross selling. Additionally it allows him to share his look in the social media – to get feedback from his friends and family.

For made-to-Measure and Custom Tailoring the customer can design the garment and its features as per his liking. Our software here provides him a step by step visual of the garment while it is getting. Once it is done, then he can try it on his 3D avatar and do the virtual trial also. This application can scan a QR code present in the physical copy of garment. Therefore using this app a customer can roam within the store, scan the QR code of any garment and try the same on his avatar – making shopping absolutely easy and enjoyable for him.

With our solution brands will find a way to showcase their entire collection virtually and deliver real Omni channel experience to the customers.

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Key Features

  • Your Personalized Unique 3D Avatar with your 3D face.
  • Real 3D garments using digital and physical patterns of brands with same specifications.
  • Real time wear, change, rotate & experience garments as many as you want without the hassles of a physical trial room.
  • View detailed simulation of stitches, fall and drapes. Compare wearing multiple ensembles.
  • Just Touch your mobile & try garments within the store, with inbuilt QR Code scanner and try them all on yourself. That's shopatainment !!
  • Share your Avatar in different looks and ensembles on Social media like Facebook and Instagram even before buying and get comments and likes.